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Tutorials on how to create layouts

Can someone point me to a good tutorial on how to create livejournal layouts?

I already have basics down for html, but I want to try my hand in creating layouts.

Thank you! :)
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Might not be exactly what you want but there was a wonderful three part series at now defunct cartonage that explained all the relevant coding for adjusting or creating a layout. I've got backups at my dropbox: css
You might also find these links of some use:
Good luck :)
Thank you for saving the cartonage series, cause I found it and wished that this journal was purged!

Thanks for showing me other links as well, I'll check them out later :)
Thank you :D
I hope this is useful. :o)
They're helpful. I created my first two profile codes to help get me back into coding. :)

Thank you for the links again :D
wuhuu, thanks, very useful
sireesanwar who make fantastic layouts have started to post up a multipart tutorial of how to make layouts at her community layout_lounge. :-) Should check it out!
Thank you! I will :)