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Altering your comments links with images (Generator)

<a href="%%urlread%%"><b>%%messagecount%%</b> <img src="yourimagefor#comments">%%mc-plural-s%%</a>|
<td align="right" colspan="2" width="100%" bgcolor="%%color:weak_back%%" class="comments" <!--this is an add in, you can delete this--> style="background-image:url(http://a background image for your comments); <!--and/or--> background-color: color; <!--and/or--> border: 1px solid black; ">
%%readlink%%<a href="%%urlpost%%"><img src="your image for post comment"></a>

This is your message count (the number of comments on that entry). You can delete this altogether if you don't want the numbers to show up.

This is your "# comments" image. If you want words here, then write words there.

This override only pertains to words, not images. If you are using words, leave it there. If you are using images, you can delete it. It is used for pluralizing your links. It adds an "s" at the end of the word when you have more than one comment.

This is the little line you see separating your "post comment" words or image and your "#comments" words or image. Do what you want with this. Keep it if you like it, delete or change it if you don't (also an option for another image here).

This can be "right" "left" or "center", depending on where you want the links to be.

This is something that isn't a part of the original override. I have added this here to show you where you can put a background image or color or border if you would like. This can be deleted, as well.

This is your "post comments" image. If you want words here, then write words there.

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