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No Navigation in IE and How to treat the Entry Header seperate from the Page Header

Username of journal: simstorylibrary

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Problem you are having:

1: I have the Navigation (.header-menu, 'Recent Entries, Archive, etc' ) styled to come in at the top of the page overlaying the left side of the header image. This works fine in Firefox. In IE there is no Navigation Stripe visible at all. Is there a way to force visibility in IE?

2. I have the Page Header (.body-title) styled to be on the lower right corner of the header image and I would like to keep it there. Unfortuntately when on an individual entry page the Entry Subject (.entryHeaderSubject, appears after the date/time on the recent entries page) becomes the Page Header and leaves the Entry Subject slot on the Entry Header bar (.entryheader) blank. That I don't like.

Is there a way to seperate the elements or at the very least also keep the Entry Title still displaying in the Subject slot on the Entry Title bar? I am okay with it if it displays in both places!


Tags: different browsers, s2, troubleshooting

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