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"Read xxx suspicious comments" doesn't show comments

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Problem you are having: I can't seem to delete spam.

I looked back at a few old messages in my journal, and some of them have "Leave a comment or Read xxx suspicious comments" links at the bottom (instead of just the "Leave a comment"). It used to be that when I clicked on the suspicious comments link, I'd get a list of spam comments.

After I deleted the spam, I could view the message again, and the suspicious comments link would be gone.

Now, however, if I click the suspicious comments link, I see "Leave a comment or xxx suspicious comments" at the bottom – but the spam comments don't show. I don't actually care to see the spam (since I don't ever recall a legitimate comment actually being miscategorized as spam). I just want to delete them so the suspicious comments link goes away.

Is there a way to get to my spam so I can delete it and make the suspicious comments links disappear?

Note: I did do a web search for livejournal "suspicious comments" in search of an existing reference to this quirk, and didn't find anything. If I didn't search hard enough, my apologies for the duplicate question.

Tags: bad links, troubleshooting

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