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Borders and Underlines for Flexible Squares

Username of journal:ditzyfish
Layout Style: Flexible Squares
Basic, Paid or Plus: Basic
Problem you are having: I'd like to have a 5px border around my entries but only an underline under my subject but it's just not working. I'm basically trying to make Flexible Squares look like Punquin Elegant but a 2.0 version as I like very simple layouts, if the image of that helps.



Username of journal: brbtest
Layout Style: flexible squares
Basic, Paid or Plus: Will be used on paid.
Problem:1. I was wondering how I would move down my navigation bar from my entries. To make it even with the space I have between my entries now.
2. How do I add the border around my header & footer?
3. Making font bigger in navigation bar? Thanks!


(no subject)

I want a border around my date/subject line but, i can only figure out how to put a border around each half of the line. I want a border to go around the whole thing. I think it is possible and it would maybe also put a border around my bottom navigation which is fine.

Thanks for any help.

(no subject)

Hello. New here & new to involved overrides. I'm in need of a little help - I'm using images for my comment links & I can't figure out why they are showing up with a black boarder around them - I'd like for them to look like the other links - without this black border. Thanks in advance for any comments/help.
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Guide me!

I know this has been asked before, but I couldn't find it.

How do I get two sets of borders in my layout? Not a double border (one code that produces two borders), but the override which requires two different codes for it?